February 23, 2023

1998 Batch Give Back Campaign

IITKGP Foundation 

While alumni from the 1996 Batch have already celebrated its 25th anniversary and raised funds to support IITKGP,  the 1998 Batch is gearing up for its 25th-anniversary celebration this year. Koushik Das, Sadiq Shaik, and Suranjan Ghosh are leading the charge to get the 1998 batch alumni to “give back” with a campaign that has recently started. Their belief in the value of their IITKGP education is exemplified in the vision of their effort to establish a “1998 Batch Give Back campaign”: They believe that “IIT KGP has had an indelible impact on our lives.” They argue that “Our time there has shaped us. It has given us the grounding that has enabled opportunities for us. We probably would not be who we are today, if it were not for IIT KGP.”  In establishing this campaign, their thought is that while celebrating 25 years since graduation from IITKGP, alums have an “opportunity to pay what we got, forward to future generations” by creating a legacy for  IIT KGP to remain one of the best technology institutes globally. 


If you are from the 1998 batch, please consider reaching out to Koushik, Sid, and Suranjan and engage.