April 27, 2024

Support upgrades in your IITKGP hall

IITKGP Foundation 

Your generous contributions have enabled us to raise initial funds and start the upgrade of the kitchen and dining areas in RP and VS Hall during summer break. Kitchen and Dining Hall upgrades in SN/IG Hall are already completed and we are now focusing on shared toilets and some dorm rooms.


Nehru Hall is the furthest ahead and at the current time is working on updating all dorm rooms, toilets and hallways. Currently, Azad Hall, Patel Hall, and LLR Hall are actively raising funds from alumni to initiate similar upgrades to kitchen and dining areas. 


Your support will go to renovate:

  • Azad Hall: Kitchen, Dining Hall
  • LLR Hall: Kitchen, Dining Hall, Common Room
  • Nehru Hall: Rooms, Corridors, and Toilets; current status
  • Patel Hall: Night canteen and toilets; we are also looking for a team of alums who can take charge of the fundraising effort and coordinate renovations.
  • RK Hall: Dining Hall
  • RP Hall: Dining Hall and Kitchen
  • SN/IG Hall: Common room, and nine toilets
  • VS Hall: Common Room, Dining Hall, Kitchen, and four toilets

Together, let's ensure that the next generation of students can forge their own unforgettable memories within revitalized halls.