parched-759India's groundwater storage being replenished thanks to study by researchers at IIT-Kgp and NASA

The Indian Express (August 12, 2017)

India's groundwater storage, which had been falling steadily in recent years, is now being replenished according to researchers from IIT-Kharagpur and NASA. The dwindling supply of groundwater in India has been of great concern in recent years, with almost 60 per cent of the country being regarded as water stressed.

For the first time, researchers from India and abroad have given positive confirmation on the replenishment of groundwater storage at the regional scale. A research team from IIT-Kharagpur in collaboration with NASA scientists have reported replenishment of regional-scale groundwater strorage (GWS) through long-term (1996-2014). The researchers used more than 19,000 groundwater observation locations, ground-based measurements and decadal0scale (2003-2014) satellite-based groundwater storage measurements. (Read More)