1How to build a battery with an eyeliner, some bacteria and a filter paper!

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Batteries come in all shapes and sizes, and power the modern world, from the tiny hearing aid and gadgets like wrist watches, smartphone, laptops and camera, to large entities like cars and trucks! Irrespective of their shape, size and function, the working principle behind all batteries is pretty much uniform: two electrodes--an 'anode' attracting negative ions and a 'cathode' attracting positive ions--connected by an electrolyte, undergo redox reactions to help convert other forms of energy into electrical energy. When the circuit is completed, the terminal voltage across the anode and cathode drives the flow of electrons/ions across the electrodes generating an electric current. Now, scientists at IIT Kharagpur have come up with an ingenious prototype of a microbial fuel cell, which is not only environmentally friendly and flexible enough to be fabricated in any size or shape desired, but can also be made using commonly available materials. (Read More)