aurobinda_routrayIIT-Kharagpur Odia Professor Invents Device To Maintain Watch on Sleepy Locomotive Drivers

The Samaya (December 3, 2017)

Bhubaneswar: Odia scientist and Professor at IIT-Kharagpur Aurobinda Routray has invented a device that will send alarm signals in case a locomotive train on duty in the engine dozes off while the train is on the move.

The device will alert the Railways authorities when a train driver goes into sleep while behind the wheel and also indicate whether he or she is fit enough to drive the train for long hours or not.

Disclosing about the invention to OST, Aurobindo Routray said the Railways board had contacted us showing interest in the device developed by us and we gave a detailed demonstration to the Kharagpur division of South Eastern Railways in the last week. (Read More)