agricultural-and-food-engineeringWant to store that delicious mango pulp longer? IIT Kharagpur scientists may have the solution.

Research Matters (January 12, 2018)

Scientists from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur have developed a model to select the ideal combinations of temperature and pressure conditions to inactivate fruit-degrading enzymes during the processing of mango pulp.

It is hard to miss why the mango is considered the king of all fruits--its delectable taste, delicious aroma, and desirable colour, are all essential qualities that make the global demand for mangoes so high. Processed mango pulp is one such mango-based product which is very popular due to its diverse culinary applications and availability throughout the year. However, in order to make these products last longer, processed mango pulps are often required to be subjected to extensive preservation processes like sterilisation of microbes and inactivation of spoliage-causing enzymes naturally present in the mango. (Read More)