sandhiSandHI Center for the Ancient, New and the Developing Arts (SandHI)

An IIT Kharagpur initiative towards rediscovering the classical arts of India

Join us to make this initiative a success!

India is uniquely bestowed with its rich heritage in classical arts, spanning the domains of music, dance, fine arts, theatre, and other performing arts. Due to various socio-economic reasons, the traditional guru-sishya parampara through which these arts forms has been passed on from one generation to the next is unlikely to survive in the future. It is therefore important to discover a modern pedagogy of teaching and learning our traditional art forms, so that these may be appreciated, practiced, researched, and improvised upon by future generations.

IIT Kharagpur believes that this can be made possible through appropriate technological interventions that can make the teaching-learning experience interesting and innovative, while carefully preserving the core fundamentals of the traditional art forms. It is working towards the creation of a Center for the Ancient, New and the Developing Arts under the patronage of the Science and Heritage Initiative (SandHI).

Overarching Objectives of the Center

  • Creating an educational center for students of IIT Kharagpur to develop awareness and appreciation of classical arts through a teaching-learning experience uniquely crafted with the help of modern technology. The educational center will offer training in music and other art forms, and also introduce credit courses in the forms of electives and micro-specializations.
  • Creating national and international outreach programs for dissemination and collaborative research on science and technology interventions in Indian classical music and other classical arts.
  • Creating archival publications and repositories of teaching-learning resources for Indian classical music and other classical arts. This is a huge challenge given that the traditional pedagogy of Indian classical music is anchored on direct dissemination from teacher to student, without reference to any archived content.