anthill-creations Anthill Creations: How 5 IIT-Kgp alumni are changing the way slum kids play

The Economic Times (June 4, 2017) By: Vidya DeshPande

Get five architecture students from IIT-Kharagpur together. Throw in some used tyres and what do you get? The most colourful play zones for underprivileged kids. That's exactly what Pooja Rai, Nancy and Napur Agarwal, Vishesh Gupta, and Souradeep Paul from the 2015 batch, IIT Kharagpur do with their company Anthill Creations.

The five batchmates decided to put their architectural training to good use by building slides, swings, and jungle gyms for kids who don't have access to proper play zones. What started as a college project has now turned into a full-time passion. In fact, two of them, Pooja and Nancy, have quit their jobs and are devoting all their time to setting up these play spaces. (Read More) (Anthill Creations Website)