eengineering-2IIT-Kharagpur research team turns hemp fibre into clean fuel

The Times of India (March 25, 2018)

Kolkata: Good news is in the air for all of us fretting over poor AQI. IIT-Kharagpur researchers have developed clean fuel out of chatai (mat), using microwave. You heard right, chatai or maadur (in Bengali) is the new source of ethanol and diesel--the two greatest airpoison inducers.

"There is an urgency to replace fossil fuels like petrol and diesel that are direct causes of pollution, global warming and climate change. Acres are being allocated for solar and wind energy; hydel power and geothermal projects have been deployed. But India's fossil fuel import bill still runs high due to non-availability of renewable energy sources on a large scale," said professor Saikat Chakraborty, lead researcher and faculty at the department of chemical engineering and PK Sinha Centre for Bioenergy at IIT-Kharagpur. (Read More)