IIT KGP Foundation Supported COVID Test Kit

Hits the Market

covirap-poster-kgpchronicle-update-2004 IIT Kharagpur has succesfully commercialized its flagship healthcare product-COVIRAP-the novel diagnostic technology for infectious diseases including COVID-19 and beyond. The product developed by lead researchers Professor Suman Chakraborty, Dr. Arindam Mondal and their research group has been licensed for commercialization to the Rapid Diagnostic Group of Companies, India and Bramerton Holdings LLC, USA.

Monetary support for this project was provided by IIT Kharagpur Foundation of USA and IIT Madras alumnus, Anand Rajaraman.

At a press conference at IIT Kharagpur on April 14, 2021, Ron Gupta, President of IIT Kharagpur Foundation, congratulated the entire KGP team for superb timely innovation and quick turn-around to market the product. The entire alumni population is looking forward to supporting IITKGP on similar research-market products, particularly those with large scale public impact.

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