suhas-patilKGP alumnus, Suhas Patil ('65): Even when the system is not perfect, entrepreneurs will find a way

YourStory (February 20, 2018)

TiE, a community of successful entrepreneurs that mentors and incubates aspriring ones, says Indian startups don't need motivation; they only need to be guided--financially, and otherwise.

The Indus Entrepreneurs, more popularly known as TiE, has been committed to the entrepreneurial ecosystem across the world since the 90s. This not-for-profit organisation is made up of entrepreneurs who want to give back to the space that nourished them.

With the blossoming of the Indian startup ecosystem, TiE has been involved in mentoring, networking, education, incubating, and funding entrepreneurs here as well.

On the heels of the second edition of the TiE Global Summit--an event that brings together entrepreneurs, mentors, VCs, PEs, angel investors, and banks with the aim of fostering ideation, innovation, creation and collaboration--YourStory caught up with TiE Global Co-Founder & Chairman Suhas S Patil. (Read More)