rare-tree-at-kgpUnique tree on IIT Kharagpur campus attracts botanists from across country

Millennium Post (June 22, 2018)

Kolkata: A unique tree on the campus of IIT Kharagpur is now the centre of attractions of botanists all over the country because of its rarity.

Botanist Barnali Chakrabarti has stumbled upon a unique 5 in 1 tree. Though the main tree is Bakul (Mimusops), four other varieties like Dumur (Ficus), Neem (Azadirachta), Pipal and Sheora (Streblus) have emerged from certain joints of the same tree.

"A blend of two varieties like Assatta (Sacred Fig) emerging from banyan tree or vice-versa or Banyan or Assattha erupting from a Simul tree is not uncommon. But 5 in 1 tree is usually unheard of," Chakrabarti said. (Read More)