iitkgp-us-foundation-internship-posterIIT-KGP Foundation International Internship Awardee Reports

IITKGP Foundation (August 27, 2018)

The IITKGP Foundation, along with a committee of deans from KGP, selected 14 meritorious IIT Kharagpur students for internships at colleges/universities around the world in March 2018. The students came from varying degree levels (B.Tech, Dual Degree, M.Sc., Ph.D.) and studied at a number of different universities in the US and Europe. Below are links to the reports that the students prepared at the end of their internship experiences. (Please Note: there were 3 students that were unable to attend due to visa application issues)

Arijit Majumdar

Sunny Bansal

Deepanjan Saha

Kaustav Brahma

Yusuf Qutbuddin

Arkadeep Roy

Sourav Kundu

Ekroop Cheema

Ashish Ranjan

Arit Patra

Anik Mitra