haresh-lalvaniHaresh Lalvani (KGP,'67), explores convergence of biology and technology

The Wire (October 17, 2018)--"Could All Shapes Have Their Origin in a Universal Genetic Code of Form?" By: S. Ananthanarayanan

Haresh Lalvani (KGP '67, B. Arch), a professor at the Pratt School of Architecture, New York, and co-founder and director of its Center for Experimental Structures, has long wondered if the way of the DNA molecule, which encodes all living structures, was a way that human-made designs could follow. He was in India briefly to receive a lifetime achievement award from IIT Kharagpur. While passing through Mumbai on his way back, he agreed to speak with S. Ananthanarayanan for The Wire about his work.

Lalvani is an internationally recognised 'architect-morphologist, artist-inventor and design scientist' who looks at architecture beyond buildings, to take in shapes and forms of all description. (Read More)