learn--earn--returnLearn-Earn-Return--An IIT KGP initiative for future generations of KGPians

IIT Kharagpur (August 28, 2019)

The 'Learn-Earn-Return' initiative aims to raise funding to create a financial support system for students and develop a culture of giving back to sustain the initiative. Students benefiting under this scheme will be required to take an Honour Pledge to give back to the Institute. The practice of giving back by the alumni has brought transformation on various fronts at the institute, one of them being student excellence. Supporting student excellence is a continuous process which requires alumni to give back!

IIT-Kharagpur will help students to learn without burden, shape their career, and give back to their Alma Mater through this initiative.

Students Learn, they Earn, and they Return to give back to the institute that made it possible!