patti-rao$400 million project created by Patti Rao (1965, Arch.)

La Republica (April 26, 2018)

A $400 million mixed-use tourism project is being developed in Limón, called Casino City Caribe.

This will be located in the northern area of Moín, at the entrance to the Tortuguero canal and will be in charge of Patti Rao Projects, developer headed by the renowned Vancouver architect who gives the company its name.

The tourist complex that will be located between the Tortuguero canal and the Caribbean Sea includes three hotels with 264 rooms, three casinos and 219 apartments.

The construction of two convention and culture centers is also planned, one for 60 people and the other for 150, as well as a wellness center, an entertainment complex, a business center and secondary recreational support facility in the areas green. (Read More)