puran-dangPuran Dang ('59), Appointed as Distinguished Professor at Adamas University in Kolkata

India New England News (November 29, 2018)

Puran Dang ('59), an Indian-American community leader and a patron of music and arts in Greater Boston, has been appointed "Distinguished Professor of Leadership and Entrepreneurship" at Adamas University in Kolkata, India.

Adamas University, a new university which wants to build relationships with US universities, awards degrees in various disciplines from BS to Ph.D.

Mr. Dang, who will be based in Lexington, MA, will play a pivotal role in the development of Adamas University. He will visit Adamas whenever he can.

Mr. Dang will organize collaborations with US universities, plan and organize seminars, panel discussions and handle several other undertakings. He will also give lectures to the students of Adamas on leadership and entrepreneurship. (Read More)