wheels-foundationMoU signed between IIT Kharagpur, IITKGP Foundation, and WIN (Wheels India Niswarth Foundation)

Information provided by Ron Gupta ('70)--President, IIT Kharagpur Foundation USA

A meeting between WHEELS/WIN Foundation, IIT Kharagpur, and the IITKGP Foundation was held during the KGP delegation trip in September 2018. This meeting resulted in a WHEELS India (WIN) grant of close to $100,000 to IIT Kharagpur for a Water Treatment Project. The funds are to be used to promote academic pursuit, research, and development in the area of Design, Installation and Operation of Treatment Plant for UASB Effluent to produce Potable Quality Treated Water with a capacity of 400 cubic meters/day. It will be developed by a research team under the guidance of Professor Makarand Ghangrekar, Head, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, IIT Kharagpur.

Congratulations to all involved parties on what will be a crucial step towards water reuse and safety!