suman-chakrabortyKGP Scientists explore possibility of using correction pens to create diagnostic kits

First Post--Tech2 (February 15, 2019)

The humble correction pen used to mask typos in printed or written text is all set to assume a new avatar. It could soon become an important component in the fabrication of paper-based diagnostic kits.

Paper is becoming popular among experts in miniaturization and microfluids because of its ability to transport fluids through capillary action. It is also biodegradable, biocompatible and low cost. Using paper, scientists are developing analytical devices in association with fluorescence, colourimetric and electrochemical detection systems.

Its porosity makes paper easy to load a reagent needed for diagnostic tests. But the reagent needs to be confined to a specific area on the device using certain barriers. Normally such barriers can be fabricated using techniques like photolithography, flexography, plasma treatment, inkjet or screen printing. All these techniques require expert manpower and are time-consuming. (Read More)