5Three IIT-KGP alumni make list of "Special 15: Most Powerful Indians in the Tech Industry"

Gadgets Now (February 27, 2019)

Three IIT-KGP alumni made the list of the "Special 15: Most Powerful Indians in the Tech Industry".

Below are the three recognized alumni:

Sundar Pichai ('93)--The current CEO of Google is--quite obviously--the first name on the list. Pichai has been on the board of directors of Google as well as its parent company, Alphabet.

Sumit Sandana ('90)--An electrical engineering graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, Sadana is executive vice president and chief business officer at Micron Technology. He also holds a master's degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

Arun Sarin ('75)--A veteran of the telecom industry, Arun Sarin is on the board of directors with Cisco. That's not all, he also serves in the same capacity at Accenture.

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