vision-prabahoVision Prabaho of IIT-KGP observes Earth Day with Un-nailing of trees

The Times of India (April 25, 2019)

KOLKATA: Vision Prabaho, the eco-conservation-cum-awareness forum of Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, observed Earth Day on Monday with its program for "Un-nailing Trees". Volunteers of the group went around the campus armed with pliers to pull out nails, brackets, iron rods, wires and screws from tree trunks. This was their attempt to prolong the life span of the trees. Each nail or protrusion hammered into trees interrupts the circulation of water, sugars and other valuable nutrients, thereby damaging them. Not surprisingly, the area surrounding the nails or bits of metals become dark and stop growing.

Within an hour, the foreign objects extricated from the barks of trees along the road facing the Tata Sports Complex had filled a whole bag. (Read More)