c-spaceIIT-KGP alumnus, Uday Aghamarshan ('11) creative head for first incubation centre for cinema in India

The Hindu (April 29, 2019)

At first look, C Space might come across as yet another co-working space, dressed up with quirky artwork on blue-hued exteriors. That is, until you step closer and find cinema-related iconography. A little beyond the lobby area, a vivid painting of superstar Rajinikanth greets visitors from a wall with his much-popular 'Kya re...?' line from his recent hit film Kaala. On the opposite wall, supervillian Joker from the Batman franchise offers his devilish grin.

Spread over 25,000 square feet, C Space is the brainchild of actor Navdeep Pallapolu and Pavan Goparaju, a financial consultant, who has worked with the Telugu film industry. Inviting cinema enthusiasts to 'connect, collaborate and create' content, C Space is the first incubation centre for cinema, in India. (Read More)