dj-unrequited-loveUnique Talents of KGPians: Dhananjay Collur ('81)--A Late Blooming Musician from IIT Kharagpur

The SongPedia (April 10, 2019)

Today we bring to you an interview with a man of diverse talents. He studied at the prestigious IIT Kharagpur and then went on to establish his own ventures in software/hardware field. But the music keeda in him made sure that he switched to pursuing music making at an age of 57. He symbolizes that it is never too late to pursue your passion. He is our music loving friend Dhananjay Collur who is also known as DJ.

Tell us about your memories of your first association with music. How did music come to life?

My mother was learning Carnatic music so I guess my association with music is from her womb. Those days the teacher used to come home and teach so there was music at home all the time. (Read More)