Aon Reinsurance Analytics--ReMetrica LHP Actuarial Software Development

Aon plc (NYSE: AON) is a leading global provider of risk management,
human resource solutions, insurance and reinsurance brokerage through
Aon Risk Solutions (ARS), Aon Hewitt, Aon Benfield and Aon Services
Corporation. Aon has around 50,000 colleagues in 500 offices and
presence in 120 countries across the globe.‚Äč

About ReMetrica:

Aon Benfield’s ReMetrica® risk and economic capital modelling tool
enables actuaries to transform insurers’ data to identify the optimal
financial strategy and make important business decisions with

ReMetrica is a large and complex piece of software that presents many
testing challenges. It comprises a number of quite different components,
some of which are:

   # a stochastic calculation engine.

   # a high performance results infrastructure.

   # a sophisticated WPF based graphical client.

   # a TFS based version control integration.

   # a tight Excel integration.

   # a tight Python scripting integration.

   # an HPC based distributed computation grid.

ReMetrica runs on all Windows operating systems from Windows 7 / Server
2008 R2 and above, all of which require testing. ReMetricaalso supports
SQL Server 2012 R2 and upwards.

Our current testing strategy is heavily based on a developer written,
automated test suite of over 13,500 tests that has grown organically
since the most recent version of the codebase was begun around 4 years
ago and that runs against the codebase many times every day. Alongside
the automated test suite is a manual test suite that has been written by
the team's testers, this test suite currently contains around 2,500
tests. The automated test suite provides a large amount of coverage
across the codebase, however there are many things that are not easily
tested without running the application itself and that require a human
eye to test.

Our development process puts a heavy emphasis on the importance of
testing also. In particular, we have a scrum based, agile process where
the definition of done for a feature is that a tester has designed a set
of test cases for that feature and has verified that all of those test
cases pass. We see the development and testing process as a
collaborative one between the testers and the developers.

About the Role: Lead developer for ReMetrica for life, health and

• Senior developer to work on component code for the business logic
for Life, health and pensions (LHP) module for ReMetrica.
• Take ownership of C++ code defining business logic.
• Work as part of a team of actuaries and developers.
• Lead in design discussions, liaising with senior developers in
London and Singapore
• Going forwards will work with our .Net to GPU CUDA compiler,
including CUDA/C++ development.

To qualify for the role you must have

• A good numerate degree such as Mathematics / Science / Engineering,
preferably Masters level.
• Minimum of 5 years’ of relevant experience, ideally working with
scientific or analytical software
• An excellent knowledge of C#.Net and preferably of C/C++ as well
• Preferably has experience working in actuarial software