centre-for-oceansIIT-KGP researchers: Adequate water most important for plant diversity

DownToEarth (July 9, 2019)

India has a total geographical area of nearly 329 million hectares. The climate varies from the north to the south and from the east to the west. However, in spite of this diversity, little is known about how climate affects the diversity of plants that grow in a particular area.

A recent study by Poonam Tripathi and team from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, has shown how the amount of rainfall and temperature of a place affects the variety of plants in major biogeographic zones of India. The research utilised the plant species richness data collected under the national project 'Indian National-Level Biodiversity Characterization at Landscape Level'. The temperatures and amount of rainfall of a place were calculated from data of the past 100 years. (Read More)