bits-n-bytesIIT Kharagpur's Undergraduate Students Exploring AI Innovations

Careers360 (July 15, 2019)

NEW DELHI: An AI-based intelligent traffic control system could revolutionize traffic management in India. Already, the Delhi Traffic Police is mulling over the matter. At IIT Kharagpur, undergraduate students are taking up the challenge to come forward with innovations in AI under the up.AI initiative by the Institute's Centre for Artificial Intelligence.

An undergraduate student team--Bits n Bytes--has developed an exhaustive model of such an AI system based on a real-time traffic feed. The intelligent traffic control system devised by Y. Sai Sanjeet, P. Anusha and P.V.S.L. Hari Chandana of the winning team uses a deep reinforcement learning architecture to dynamically adjust traffic signals' duration using a Deep Q network. The idea is to reduce the waiting time of vehicles at traffic intersections and allow a smooth flow of traffic. (Read More)