openappSiddhesh Keluskar (M.Tech, '15), a founder of Openapp, providing security solutions to connected devices

YourStory (August 12, 2019)

Gone are the days when an expensive lock and key mechanism was enough to keep the thieves at bay. Over the last decade, locks have gone digital with the likes of Godrej pioneering them in India. However, startups are now adding Internet of Things (IoT) into this area.

Meet Openapp, which was launched in 2015 by Gotama Gowda, Rajshekar Jenne, and Siddhesh Keluskar ('15), pictured on the right. Openapp builds customised smart locks under three categories--fingerprint-enabled, locks with built-in Bluetooth, and GSM-enabled locks.

Each lock can be operated on the cloud and opened from anywhere in the world. Openapp's locks are available in the form factor of both padlocks and door locks. (Read More)