amod-malviyaAmod Malviya ('02) on how they kept the B2C bias out when building Udaan

YourStory (August 21, 2019)

Nobody at Udaan has a job title. There isn't even a CEO. The three former Flipsters introduce themselves only as Co-founders of the B2B ecommerce company. On LinkedIn, however, Amod Malviya's ('02) title reads, 'Co-founder and Engineer at Udaan'. That's because the down-to-earth Amod is a techie at heart. It's easy to allow him this indulgence. After all, the former CTO of Flipkart still writes code.

When Shradha Sharma caught up with Amod and Co-founders Sujeet Kumar and Vaibhav Gupta, he was just as excited to talk about the work he does as an engineer as he is about how Udaan is revolutionising trade for small business owners across India. (Read More)