hummingbird-schoolHow IIT-Kharagpur alumni are transforming lives of Assamese tribal children through a model school

SocialStory (September 11, 2019)

Of the villagers, by the villagers, and for the villagers, the Hummingbird School has engaged 240 tribal children in holistic learning. Today, it serves 19 villages with 15 dedicated teachers and 11 non-teaching staff.

Appun Doley, a 12-year-old Class 8 student at a local government school on Majuli Island, Assam, didn't know how to read or write English or her native language Assamese. Lacking proper education facilities and curriculum, Apun had a tough time coping with studies.

Her mother, a single parent, decided to send her to the Hummingbird School in early 2017. Apun enrolled to understand basic subjects like Assamese, English and mathematics. Today, two years later, Apun has been promoted and not only does she speak Assamese, Hindi, and English fluently, she is also the student council president. She dreams of becoming the principal of her school one day. (Read More) (The Hummingbird School)