manan-shahManan Shah ('11) pens article for HR Technologist on AI in Talent Acquisition

HR Technologist (September 13, 2019)

Manan Shah ('11) is co-founder & CEO of Recruiterflow--World's highest-rated recruiting CRM for recruiting and staffing agencies. Recruiterflow helps recruiters stay productive and automate their recruiting process. Before Recruiterflow, Manan founded Retention.ai, an AI analytics company that was acquired by Inshorts. He is a graduate of IIT-Kharagpur with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.


"A Case for Caution with AI in Talent Acquisition and Our Fight for Diversity and Inclusion"

Artificial intelligence is the talk of the town in the world of talent acquisition. AI has a deeply rooted data bias problem with no solution in sight. Delegating the recruiting process to AI without proper oversight can have an adverse effect on D&I initiatives, writes Manan Shah, co-founder & CEO of Recruiterflow

One of the biggest challenges talent acquisition departments face today is that of inclusion and diversity. The root of the D&I problem is that of bias. Companies are spending millions of dollars every year to train their hiring teams to make sure that they hire more diverse people. (Read More)