parag-havaldarSouthern California IIT Alumni Conference held September 14, 2019

IndiaWest (September 18, 2019)

"IIT Alumni Conference Reveals Vast Professional Diversity, No Longer Just 'Nerdy

Engineers' "

Top Photo: Parag Havaldar ('91), Bottom Photo: Pradeep Khosla ('80)

LONG BEACH, Calif.--The Indian Institute of Technology's Southern California alumni gathered here Sept. 14 for a conference at the Long Beach Marriott with the main takeaway being the "nerdy engineers" from the "Ivy League school of India" have had a dramatic image makeover: to one of contemporary professional dpradeep-khoslaiversity. Now, IIT Alumni are project consultants, internet entrepreneurs, global industry advisors and have amongst them a 2017 technical achievement Oscar winner and a chancellor of a major university in the area.

The day-long event featured talks with successful SoCal IITians as well as multiple panels discussing topics of relevance in today's business world. The latter included such subject matters as 'Our Amazing Infinite Universe', 'Technology in Business', 'Technology and Media', and 'Reducing our Plastic Footprint'. (Read More)