deysarkar-sKGP alumni couple's vision, Asoke Deysarkar ('71) and Ruma Acharya ('73), giving Houston a cross-cultural event center

Houston Chronicle (September 27, 2019)

Couple's vision is giving Houston a cross-cultural event center

The construction site of the Tagore Center looked wide open with possibilities in late August.

After a groundbreaking on May 4, the simple steel frames of its first two buildings were rising. Large concrete arches had been completed, marking the entrance to completed interior streets, and the sun shimmered across four L-shaped "pools" of cobalt-blue tile that will define a meditation garden at the heart of the property, some of which could be open early next year.

Inspired by a campus created many decades ago in India by the Nobel Prize-winning poet and polymath Rabindranath Tagore, the new center will be unique to Houston with its mission of universal humanism and buildings devoted to early-childhood education, adult education, and live performances and art, plus an amphitheatre and fairgrounds. (Read More)