puran-dang-oprah-fbINSPIRATION: A journal by Puran Dang (Class of 1959, IIT-KGP, RP Hall)

Article provided by Puran Dang ('59)

Mr. Puran Dang ('59) will provide periodic articles of inspirational people, memories, and reflections.

Three years ago, my granddaughter, Bianca, graduated from Wellesley College, Massachusetts. Many years ago before, Hilary Clinton also graduated from there.

It was Commencement Day of the College. I saw Oprah sitting two rows ahead of me and my family. She came there as a mother of a student from her Academy for poor children in Africa. She supports these poor children fully and educates them for college degrees. This amazing lady considers her as their mother and goes to the graduation of every girl. She sends them to great colleges in the USA and abroad. She had bodyguards with her but defying them I stepped forward and extended my hand to her. She was so gracious and took my hand into hers and smiled with great respect. I told her that my granddaughter was graduating too. I told her that I admired her for her accomplishments and all that she was doing for children all around the world. She reciprocated saying, "I am very happy to meet with you".

I stepped back leaving with great reverence for Oprah and learnt a great lesson from her, "That Grace and Dignity is the greatest virtue in life however high you are you must embrace love, compassion, and empathy for those not so fortunate in life".

Oprah is a Hollywood star, great TV host, speaker, humanist, and above all the most genuine and kind human being.

I am most fortunate to have met her and wish that she lives forever to shed bright light in the lives of those suffering in the shadows of poverty and deprivation.

This picture of mine with Oprah Winfrey is one of my precious treasures.

At this time the whole world is in a turmoil and hatred is spreading all around but still ours is a wonderful world where people like Oprah continue to spread light of kindness and love.

(Oprah Winfrey's Biography)