r.-gopalR Gopalakrishnan ('67): 'Enterprise is vital for growth of modern society'

The Hitavada--The People's Paper (October 14, 2019)

'Enterprise is vital for growth of modern society'

Highlighting the importance of enterprise, R Gopalakrishnan ('67), former Director of Tata Sons said, "Enterprise is one of the most important factors for the growth of modern society. We need all types of businesses. This is the only way society can grow and sustain itself for the future." He was speaking on the theme 'Balconies of Business' organised by Vidarbha Management Association (VMA) on Sunday. R Gopalakrishnan ('67) was also former Managing Director of Brooke Bond Lipton, former Chairman of Unilever Arabia, author of several books and corporate advisor. He has completed Electrical Engineering at IIT Kharagpur ('67) and studied at Harvard Business School. He said that entrepreneurs operating an enterprise should have a feeling of pride as they constitute an important component of society just like any other profession. (Read More)