1--3-IIT-Kharagpur to study chaotic Chingrighata crossing for better layout, Metro pier

The Times of India (October 30, 2019)

KOLKATA: IIT-Kharagpur will conduct a study to assess the Chingrighata crossing on EM Bypass and come up with the most feasible layout for the chaotic intersection. The institute will deduce whether the contentious pier for New Garia-Airport Metro--number 318, slated to come up at the crossing--can be dropped or not.

KMDA, custodian of Bypass, has told RVNL, implementing agency of the Metro corridor, that IIT-Kharagpur would take a call on the pillar while recommending long-term solution to declutter the Chingrighata crossing, where several roads meet from the Sector V-end, Beliaghata and Chaulpatty.

Last June, urban and traffic planners came up with a feasible design for the crossing to reduce the fatality rate at Chingrighata. (Read More)