add-a-headingProf. G.S. Sanyal: Tributes to the Grand Old Man of IIT-KGP

Information provided by Puran Dang (IIT-KGP, 1959) and many other alumni

Mr. Puran Dang (IIT-KGP, 1959) is providing a periodic article of inspirational people, memories, and reflections. This article is dedicated to the memory of a great man of IIT-KGP, Professor G.S. Sanyal. Puran reached out to a number of alumni to share their memories of Prof. Sanyal. Below are Puran's reflections along with other tributes.


Professor G.S. Sanyal: Bhisham Pitamaha of IIT Kharagpur (By: Puran Dang)professor-g-s-sanyal

The late Professor G.S. Sanyal is one of those kind and gentle personalities who leave a permanent impression on all people. He was born in Assam and grew up in West Bengal, he was a very intelligent and able person. He got his degree in Engineering and did advanced studies in UK and USA. I feel so fortunate that I live in Lexington, Mass. Prof. Sanyal told me that he worked in MIT Lincoln Lab in Lexington for some time doing his research. He became a professor in IIT Kharagpur and served there all his life. He was wedded to this great Institute as a professor, Head of the Department of Electronics & Telecommunications, its Director. He was Chairman of the Technology Foundation. He loved students and treated them as their father giving them advice not only as teacher but also as a mentor and well-wisher solving their personal difficulties as if they belonged to him. His gentle and informal disposition attracted one and all who not only respected him but loved him.

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