mukund-padmanabhanMukund Padmanabhan ('87) gives Huge Support to KGP's Academy of Classical and Folk Arts (ACFA)

Information provided by IITKGP Foundation (November 16, 2019)

IIT Kharagpur, India, Academy of Classical and Folk Arts, gets Huge Support from alumnus Mukund Padmanabhan of USA

Mukund Padmanabhan ('87), an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IITKGP) has endowed significant resources to strengthen the Academy of Classical and Folk Arts (ACFA) at his alma mater. Under this support, ACFA, a newly created Arts academy in the world-famous engineering school, will create a musical auditorium, conduct several Folk Arts workshops and engage teaching fellows under the name of Guru Krupa Foundation (GKF), a non-profit organization created by Mr. Padmanabhan.

Pallab Dasgupta, AK Singh Chair Professor, and Prof. Joy Sen, are heading this unique program to introduce IITKGP architectural and engineering students to the classical and folk arts, and encourage use of such artistic talents to supplement the highly-competitive technical education.

IIT Kharagpur Foundation (IITKGPF) is proud to bring alumnus like Mukund Padmanabhan in active engagement with their alma mater, said Ron Gupta, President IITKGPF and an alumnus himself. "It is my privilege to be able to give back to the institution that laid the foundation for my career", said Mukund Padmanabhan. (Read More)