farrohk-mistreetFarrokh Mistree ('67): On Dreams and Learning

KGP Chronicle (November 5, 2019)

Dream catcher

Professor Farrokh Mistree, distinguished alumnus of IIT KGP and L.A. Comp Chair at the University of Oklahoma, on dreams and learning

"Farrokh's passion is to have fun in providing an opportunity for highly motivated and talented people to learn how to define and achieve their dreams." That is how University of Oklahoma's Gallogly College of Engineering, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, introduces the incumbent of its L.A. Comp Chair--Professor Farrokh Mistree.

When I ask him about this rather unusual passion during his recent visit to IIT Kharagpur, Professor Mistree (1967/BTech/NA/AZ) tells me his life story.

That is, his journey from being a student of naval architecture at IIT Kharagpur to holding the prestigious L.A. Comp Chair at the University of Oklahoma (where he specializes in "intelligent" decision-based realization of complex systems) and becoming a Distinguished Alumnus of his alma mater. (Read More)