iit-kharagpur-main-entrancePublic Works Department (PWD), IIT-KGP study asphalt alternative

The Times of India--City (January 7, 2020)

PWD, IIT-KGP study asphalt alternative

Kolkata: A layer of concrete has been used as the surface on 1km stretch of 3-lane Kharagpur Bypass to study the use of white topping to replace the asphalt black top layer.

Sensors have been embedded in the concrete layer to study the stress and strain on the surface from traffic. The pilot project is being done by PWD and IIT Kharagpur.

To opt for the white topping that costs Rs 1.25 crore per kilometre, the expense is Rs 25 lakh more than black top that costs Rs 1 crore per kilometre. But the extra cost is offset by longevity, fuel saving for cars and safety. Former PWD engineer in chief Srikumar Bhattacharya said the study would find an alternative to black top following the ban on asphalt plans by NGT. (Access the original article)