dipu2389--1-The Batch of 1970 inaugurates ADDA

IITKGP Foundation (February 2020)

During the Golden 2020 Reunion for the Batch of 1970, the 'ADDA', one of the batch's gifts to IIT-Kharagpur was inaugurated. The ADDA is an expansive area with a sculpted garden and varied seating arrangement. Renowned architect Abin Chaudhuri designed the gigantic red emblem that marks out the space. Speaking on behalf of the batch, Mr Ron (Ranbir) Gupta, President of the IITKGP Foundation USA and reputed US-based architect, said, " 'ADDA'--which reads the same from left to right and right to left--means different things to different people, but it belongs to IIT Kharagpur's alumni, its students, its faculty, the staff and entire community of IIT Kharagpur. This beautiful piece that sits at the crossroads on the campus is a small token of our appreciation for the Institute." To view more photos from the ADDA inauguration, click here.