tech4bharatTech4Bharat organised by PAN IIT Alumni India welcomes Directors from 23 IITs

The KGP Chronicle (March 7, 2020)


Prof. V K Tewari, Director, IIT Kharagpur shares his vision on technology development for common man at the strategic conclave Tech4Bharat organised by PAN IIT Alumni India

PAN IIT Alumni India (PIAI) recently organised Tech4Bharat, a strategic conclave aimed at synergy between policy and technology and review and realignment of the current initiatives and launch fresh ones. The event featured panel discussions bringing Academia, Policy makers and the Industry leaders. The expert panel moderators from PanIIT led the discussions to gather the diverse views and galvanize them into a common pursuit of excellence for the fine institutions of technical education.

The key feature of Tech4Bharat was the launch of a IIT Directors Forum attended by the Directors of majority of the 23 IITs. The forum deliberated the collaboration between the Forum, PanIIT Alumni and the industry to render feedback to the policy makers and provide execution support. (Read More)

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