mukund-padmanabhan-the-chronicleKGP to get a big donation from Mukund Padmanabhan ('87) of USA to support student internships

IITKGP Foundation (March 12, 2020)

The Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IITKGP) will be creating ten student fellowships that will support five incoming students to KGP and five outgoing students from KGP. The support for the creation of these opportunities was provided by Mukund Padmanabhan of USA, an alumnus of IITKGP, who established the internships under the name of Guru Krupa Foundation (GKF), a non-profit organization that was created by Mr. Padmanabhan.

The selection of the scholars for these internships will be handled by IIT Kharagpur and GKF, using a merit cum means based model. Students can be pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees, including PhD's and can be from any department, school, or center of IIT-Kharagpur with an additional criteria that one of the recipients must be chosen from the Department of Electronics and Electrical Communications, Mr. Padmanabhan's department of study while at IIT-Kharagpur.

The IIT Kharagpur Foundation (IITKGPF) is proud to bring alumni like Mukund Padmanabhan in active engagement with their alma mater, said Ron Gupta, President of the IITKGPF and an alumnus of IIT-KGP himself. "It is my privilege to be able to give back to the institution that laid the foundation of my career", said Padmanabhan. The Foundation will continue to seek out alumni that are keen to give back to their alma mater in new and innovative ways in the future!