anindya-dattaAnindya Datta ('86) builds startup that plans to fight coronavirus with data science and AI

YourStory (May 8, 2020)

This IIT alum's US-based startup plans to fight coronavirus with data science and AI

US-based startup Mobilewalla, which started as a mobile audience measurement platform, is using cutting-edge data science to manage the coronavirus spread

Anindya Datta ('86) sees himself as a "classic tech entrepreneur". His journey started at IIT-Kharagpur in India, and continued through his MS and PhD degrees from the University of Maryland in US.

In the early 2000s, he launched enterprise software startup Chutney, which was backed by VC giant Kleiner Perkins. Anindya sold Chutney to Cisco in 2005, and pocketed a sizable amount of money that would last him for the next few years.

Sometime in 2011 as the usage of smartphones peaked and apps became an all-new universe, he turned his attention towards mobile audience measurement. (Read More) (Link to Mobilewalla's website)