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IIT-Kharagpur to get supercomputing facility

The Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur is set to receive a supercomputing facility that is several times faster than normal computers. The facility will have a capacity of 1 Peta Flop--significantly higher than the regular system...

Alumnus Institutes Scholarship and Chair Professorship Awards

IIT Kharagpur announces the Shyamal and Sunanda Ghosh Endowment Scholarship and Shyamal and Sunanda Ghosh Institute Chair Professorship Award from the Academic Year 2016-17 with a recent contribution of Rs. 40 Lakhs...

IIT-Kgp develops technology to unlock encrypted data

Researchers at IIT-Kharagpur (IIT-Kgp) have developed a solution to access encrypted data on cloud servers with keywords, without the need for decryption and without compromising the security of the system, a statement said on Wednesday.

Pensacola doctor donates $5 million to UWF

The University of West Florida announced another victory in what has already been a momentous week for the institution. For only the second occasion in its history, the university will rechristen a college to honor a benefactor...



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