IIT-KGP to set up center of excellence on medical devices and diagnostics






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The IITKGP Foundation is working to bring together alumni in support of the "KGP Alumni Fund for COVID-19", which will provide IIT-Kharagpur campus and vicinity staff with rations due to the Corona Virus lockdown. The staff which include the mess workers, dhobis, rickshaw wallahs, etc. are receiving no pay and little benefits and need assistance with basic necessities. Please give back generously to this critical fund!        

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The IITKGP Foundation is a not for profit organization with a 501(c)(3) status in the United States (Federal ID: 47-0747227). 


The Embassy of India in Washington DC has issued guidance about the COVID-19 pandemic for students that are studying in the United States. If you are a student currently in the US and need to access more information, click the below link to be taken to the "Embassy of India Student Hub".                                                                                                       



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IIT Kharagpur to set up centre of excellence on medical device

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has accepted a proposal by the IIT-KGP to set up the facility and earmarked Rs 20 crore for it, according to a statement issued by the institute.

IIT Kharagpur study tracks northward movement of cyclones

A group of geoscientists from IIT Kharagpur have been studying Amphan right from the time it started seeding over Bay of Bengal as a depression on May 16.

Dilip Oommen ('81) is new President of Indian Steel Association

Oommen's appointment comes in the wake of the recent resignation of T V Narendran, managing director of Tata Steel from the position of President, Indian Steel Association.

IIT-Kharagpur alumnus founded agritech startup Eggoz raised Rs 2.5 Cr in seed round

Egg producer and agritech startup Eggoz has raised Rs 2.5 crore as part of its seed funding to fuel its growth and expansion plans. The Bihar-based startup had earlier secured Rs 1.2 crore from a clutch of angel investors.

Kiranjit Siyan, a KGPian (1976/ECE/NH), NIH scientist, passes away

Kiranjit Siyan received his Bachelors of Technology with Honors in Electronics and Electrical Communications from IIT-Kharagpur in 1976.

Kgp Cares: Student Outreach

IIT Kharagpur has recently sent about 35 students to their hometown in Kolkata. This one among the several student outreach initiatives taken by the Institute administration in the past two months while the campus adopted social distancing.

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IITKGP now has over 10,000 students. Besides the teaching staff and administrative staff who are on salary, IITKGP is supported by more than 10,000 other staff who get no salary or receive little benefits during the Corona Virus lockdown.

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Upcoming Events for IIT-KGP

All seminars, conferences and workshops have been postponed until further notice due to the threat of the Novel Coronavirus.

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