Pranit Kulkarni ('20), recipient of IITKGP Foundation scholarship, graduates with LLM from Cambridge

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Dear Reader,

Pranit Kulkarni ('20), the first alumnus from IIT-KGP's law school (Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law-RGSOIPL) to attend Cambridge University's prestigious LLM program, has graduated! Pranit received a scholarship from the IITKGP Foundation to help with the costs to pursue his degree. You can read more about Pranit's journey and time at Cambridge in the below newsletter. The below photo is from his graduation ceremony. Congratulations and best wishes to Pranit!                                                                                                                      











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Ongoing: Saturday Manufacturing Talks, presented by the Centre of Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing Technology at IIT Kharagpur This week's speaker is Dipankar Basu ('90)

Ongoing: Apply for CEP (Continuing Education Program) Courses at IIT-Kharagpur

September 12, 2021: IIT KGP Bay Area Annual Picnic

September 17-18, 2021: PIWOT (PanIIT-World of Technology) Global Virtual Technology Summit 2021

February 1-4, 2022: National Symposium on Cryogenics and Superconductivity 28

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Pranit Kulkarni ('20) graduates from Cambridge Univ. LLM Program

Pranit, the first alumnus of IIT-KGP's RGSOIPL to be admitted to the prestigious program, was awarded a scholarship by the IITKGP Foundation US to pursue his studies and has been assisting with some of the Foundation's activities.

IIT-KGP Faculty and Student Achievements

We would like to share some recent achievements by IIT-KGP Faculty and Students.

You're Invited to "Saturday Manufacturing Talks": This week's speaker is Dipankar Basu ('90)

The Centre of Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing Technology of IIT Kharagpur has kicked off a year-long webinar megaevent titled, Saturday Manufacturing Talks.


A 2021 Project by IIT Kharagpur Alumni from Nehru Hall to modernize Nehru Hall of Residence with modern day amenities, while still keeping the charm and characteristics of when it was first opened.

Abhilekh Kumar ('05) named as Uber's Director of Business Development for India and South Asia

Abhilekh will be responsible for identifying and growing commercial relationships that serve Uber customers better and expand the company's footprint.

Samiran Chatterjee ('88) joins JK Tech as Vice President-Operations

In this role, Chatterjee will be responsible for Sales Operations, Revenue, and Resource Management.

'Bandy the Singing Professor' shares songs in celebration of recent and upcoming holidays

Sri Bandyopadhyay would like to share two songs with his fellow IIT-KGP alumni and friends, one about the recent Krisnastami holiday and one about the upcoming Ganesh Chaturthi holiday.

Own Your Hall Room

The IIT-Kharagpur Office of Alumni Affairs has kicked off a campaign that allows you to have your hall room named after you for perpetuity for modernizing its infrastructure--OWN YOUR HALL ROOM!

Employer Matching Gift Programs

If you've donated to the IITKGP Foundation, you may be able to double your donation! We're here to help you with the process!

Upcoming Events for IIT-KGP

Ongoing: Saturday Manufacturing Talks, presented by the Centre of Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing Technology at IIT Kharagpur
Ongoing: Apply for CEP (Continuing Education Program) Courses at IIT-Kharagpur

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