IIT Kharagpur to begin mental health outreach program

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Another batch of IITKGP students has now finished their finals and are ready to venture out into the world and pursue their next steps! As we congratulate them and wish them the best success in the future, we must not forget how imperative is it that the alumni of IITKGP give back to their beloved alma mater. Please consider donating to the IITKGP Foundation to continue and improve upon our world-class institution. We now have our Facebook page available for donations to be made quickly, easily, and securely--you just need to sign into your Facebook account and then donations can be made at any time. Also, please remember to either e-mail us to update your profile information or log onto our website and
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IIT-KGP Outreach Programme to Enable Students to Combat Stress

Aiming to raise happiness levels among students, IIT-Kharagpur has devised a set of outreach programmes to promote a positive attitude in them and encourage them to interact with counsellors.

Architecture for the Masses

IITKGP graduate (1970, B. Arch), Subodh Shankar, is a current Professor and Acting Dean in Architecture at Integral University in Lucklow. He recently sat down with "All About Architecture Education in India" magazine...

Gopalakrishnan to be IIT Kharagpur Distinguished Professor

Former Director at Tata Sons Ltd., R. Gopal Gopalakrishnan is set to join IIT Kharagpur as a distinguished professor, the institute's director said on Sunday.

IITs to Start Induction Event for Freshers

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) will soon have an extensive induction programme for freshers in order to acclimate them to the new environment. This decision was taken in order to make students more comfortable...

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