IIT-Kgp VGSoM student wins top award at Business Standard competition

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Vinod Gupta School of Management had a big week! They held their 25th year celebration last weekend and a final-year student won the top award at Business Standard's "Best B-School Project 2017".

The Silver Jubilee took place on March 9-11, 2018 and brought many alumni of VGSoM to campus. Below you will find a story from alumnus, Vinod Gupta ('67, AG) about the importance that business leaders also have analytical abilities.

Final-year VGSoM student, Amrutha Bhamidimukkula brought home the top award from Business Standard's "Best B-School Project 2017", showing that supply chain optimisation was something that Domino's Pizza could use!

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IIT-Kgp Vinod Gupta School of Management student wins "Best B-School Project 2017" from Business Standard

The top award went to a project on supply chain optimisation by Amrutha Bhamidimukkula, a final-year student at Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur, for Domino's Pizza.

Alumnus Vinod Gupta ('67, AG) and Founder of VGSoM speaks on skills for Business Leaders

Vinod Gupta said "business leaders need to have strong analytical abilities and knowledge of engineering can provide that foundation".

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