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Volume: 03.18.2023

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This week we are bringing you some visual stories. Moments that you have experienced and challenges that you have overcome or joys you have cheered for. Hope you read them and reflect on the nostalgic memories from IITKGP days. If you want to share such videos and photos write to us at meenakshi@iitkgpfoundation.org. Also, join our initiative for #LearnEarnReturn to help build the success stories of IITKGP students!



The First Batch’s Story

The very first batch of graduates from IIT Kharagpur completed in 1955 and had their convocation in April 1956. Since the IIT main building was not in existence at that time, the first batch had its initial classes in the Hijli Detention Camp which had been set up in 1930 to detain those participating in the Indian freedom struggle. 

Read the stories of the 1955 alums Joginder Singh and Bal Kishan Biplash.

Tharun's Story

Tharun shares his life as a student at IIT KGP. His random interactions are now leading to lifelong friendships. Do you remember how your hallmates celebrated your birthday? Tharun will remind you. Learning a skill, and speaking another language, Tharun explores his journey, from an awkward kid to a reasonably confident young man ready to take on the world. In his words “ IIT Kharagpur is undoubtedly the best thing that ever happened to me.” But you know that already, don’t you? Because it is your story too.

Campus Tour with a Kgpian

Rohit Surisetty takes you for a day-long tour, sharing the A-Z details of the campus. This video brings you the old treasure troves and many new developments that you may not have gotten a chance to see. Let us know if you plan to visit the campus and share your visual story with us at meenakshi@iitkgpfoundation.org

Stories of Transformation

Three Kgpians from the 1997 batch were joined by Dean Outreach Prof. Jayanta Mukhopadhyay during their recent visit to KGP for an Adda near the Gymkhana. The trio shared their career story in India and abroad, their entrepreneurial ventures, and innovations, their contributions to India, and their alma mater. They expressed their gratitude for the values and attitude that IIT KGP helped them grow as part of an ecosystem going beyond academics.

Do you want to join in a heart-to-heart conversation with your former professor or students? Write to us at meenakshi@iitkgpfoundation.org to help you connect.

Remembering IITKGP Alum Gulab Bhavnani (1996/EE)

Gulab Bhavnani (1943-2023) passed away on March 12th, 2023. Gulab was a social entrepreneur and founding member of WHEELS, a social impact arm, initiated by but not limited to, PanIIT Community. According to his friend and co-board member, Suresh Shenoy, “Gulab was a solid rock of a supporter and among the most reliable 'go to' persons. I don't remember any time when he said "No" to a request! Gulab was always on call for anything related to IIT - our events, gala, charitable endeavors and each time, he gave it all!” 

We call upon you to make small contributions to research and students!



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