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IITKGP Nehru Hall Modernization Project

For those of us who visited Nehru Hall over the past few years, the overwhelming feeling was embarrassment. How could the rooms for this elite institution that was churning out technology leaders who were transforming the world be so rundown and decrepit? Clearly, the budget, priorities and the motivation were missing. Everything looked worn down. The doors, having suffered the lost-lock syndrome countless times, looked beaten up and pathetic. Even the banister along one of the third-floor corridors had been broken in two with the two sides both hanging sadly over the side. Wiring and fuse boxes were a mess - yes, who put in the bicycle spoke as a fuse wire?

We had left our home of five gladdest years of our life far behind and never looked back. We did not have any “alumni traditions.” We did not even have an Alumni Development team. We got together with our “hall mates” and “batch mates” in cities around the world where we had landed. Singapore, San Francisco, Salkia, and Santragachi and many more. We ate our lunches and dinners and laughed about our memories of the mess food. We had put on weight. And some of us had become very wealthy.

Those of us who had moved to the US and gone to the great American Universities also started donating to these Universities. These Universities had accumulated endowments in the billions of dollars - they could recruit world class faculty and build wonderful Halls with amazing dining rooms. Our Nehru Hall looked shabby.

Some of us decided to put what all of us were thinking into action.

So began, in April 2022, the Nehru Hall renovation project. We needed money and of course with all our successful alumni, that was not going to be an issue.

But, we understood that ACCOUNTABILITY was our #1 priority. If an Alum gave a thousand rupees, would that actually be used in the renovation?

1. We got the IIT Director (a fellow Nehruite) and staff on board.
2. We reached an agreement with the IIT Management that the money would go directly to the contractors and suppliers
3. Our first order would be to recruit a Project Manager
4. We would need Rs 3 Lacs ($3,500 USD) per room
5. We would need more for the common room, music room, and other smaller projects
6. We would keep an open book on finances.
7. We would honor the donors with an appropriate plaque above the room they had helped renovate.

We have MOMENTUM: Just look at the number of rooms that have already been renovated!!!

  • 126 of 216 single rooms 
  • 4 of 21 double rooms 
  • 2 of 17 washrooms 
  • 1 of 26 corridors 
  • Music room

Click here to view a slideshow of the progress.

Let us COMPLETE the task we have undertaken. Give NOW.  



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